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2 stories from our Military Chivers (10 Photos)

Chive Everywhere Chivers Who Serve Firefighters Heroes Military

These are two very different stories from U.S. Chiver Michael Erb and about a fallen Canadian Chiver named Patrick Pidgeon.

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3 big BOOM bombing runs (Video)

advideo Air Force Bombing Run Video Military Oh Shit Video


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Military Monday is ready to go (70 Photos)

Chivers Who Serve KCCO Military Military Monday

All Chivers' submits.  

Thanks guys for sending these in…you send 'em and I'll post them.

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An untold story from France (39 HQ Photos)

france Heroes Heroes Story High-Res Inspirational Military Nonnative Military

Like so many Americans, I'm personally guilty of making unjustified jokes about the strength of France's Military.  Let's face it, America took Hitler out of Paris…oh wait, that was my Dad's, Dad that did that…what the f*ck do I know about the horrors of 1940 during WW2.  It takes these sad events, like yesterday in Nice, France to remind us (with lack of a better phrase), "those jokes aren't always so funny".  
This is just one of the many untold stories from our Allies in France.

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Dynamic Dozen: Lead Your Team to Reach Their Potential

air force Guest Posts Know Your People leader leadership. dynamic dozen Mickey Addison military performance Team and the General Leadership Foundation bring Leadership Advice from America's Most Trusted Leaders to You! Read more at

 (U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Jason Epley)

Airmen and Soldiers load into the back of a mine-resistant ambush-protected vehicle Dec. 11 at Joint Base Balad, Iraq. (U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Jason Epley)

“When things go wrong in your command, start wading for the reason in increasing larger concentric circles around your own desk.” – General Bruce D. Clark

Leading your team to reach their potential requires you to balance the tension between leading your team to stretch to achieve at their capability, and overextending your team past what they’re able to do. Sometimes leaders have to inspire people past what those people think they can do–that’s growth and development.… Read the rest

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Book Review - "The Iron Major Survival Guide" by David W. Dunphy

Books Military

This book is f#cking awesome. BLUF: First off, this book should be read by every military officer and senior NCO. Second, I wish I had one back when I was a Group S2/S3Air or the Brigade Training Officer in the 3 shop. It is useful for all but I would strongly recommend that all 2nd LTs and ensigns have a copy. This is what they DON'T teach you in ROTC or the Academies or OCS... Penned with a wry wit, LTC Dunphy outlines the do's and, more importantly, the don'ts of leadership from a staff officer's perspective. Politically incorrect as hell, Dunphy has items like "mouth breather" alerts and "bush league/amateur hour" statements. As I read through the survival guide last night, I found myself nodding in agreement or outright laughing along with the author. However, the book is not about entertaining Major B, it is about making Major B a far better officer than he thinks he is. With chapters like "The Beer Math of Doctrinal Consumption", Dunphy usually opens up with some smart-ass remark that then evolves into the lesson to be learned. Por ejemplo, in the section about building a solid relationship with your commander, Dunphy starts with, "Fight the close fight and run the daily operations of the Battalion so your boss can look at the big picture, fight the deep fight, and make out with the good idea fairy." before outlining some common sense methods to accomplish that goal. While most of the information should be intuitive, with 15+ hour days, deployments and field work, leaders may miss some/most of the points made by Dunphy. The survival guide serves as reminders to us all on (1) what to focus on, (2) what not to step in, (3) how to be a better leader and (4) how not be f#cked up like polio.

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