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Coaliton On Temporary Shelter.  

Along with your help we can provide much needed beds for COTS (Coalition On Temporary Shelter).  In 1982, Coalition On Temporary Shelter (COTS) was incorporated as a private, non-profit organization and opened its doors with a new approach to ending homelessness in Detroit. Our first location was St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Corktown, where we offered 40 beds for extended stay as well as support services to people in need. In 1983, COTS purchased its current headquarters and emergency facility at 26 Peterboro in the Detroit Midtown area and began providing emergency shelter, transitional housing and comprehensive supportive services to homeless men, women, and children in the city of Detroit.  Annually, COTS serves more than 2,000 Detroit area homeless people in its emergency shelter and approximately 450 individuals and families in its transitional and permanent housing programs. COTS offers a continuum of care for each of its shelter guests and housing residents.  These programs and services help break the cycle of homelessness by addressing the specific needs and circumstances of each client.  Each person entering COTS'  Emergency Shelter or housing programs first meets with a Case planner who provides individualized case management services, support, and encouragement.  Case Planners play an instrumental role in helping individuals and families address their current situations, set financial goals, obtain benefits, secure housing and take steps towards autonomous, productive lives. They may also utilize support services such as COTS Child Care Center or Education & Employment Center for up to one year, free of charge.  COTS' Transitional Housing Program (THP) is an intensive, goal-oriented program that assists individuals and families for up to 24 months while they work toward economic stability. Under the guidance of a Case Planner, THP residents work and pay modest, income-appropriate fees for housing.  They have access to support services, including drug and alcohol recovery programs, parenting and child care services, education, job search and placement programs, and assistance with permanent living arrangements. COTS currently sponsors over 86 Shelter + Care units, including single-family homes, duplexes and apartments. 

The Mission of COTS' Child Development Centers is to help homeless children develop cognitive, physical, social, and emptional skills at a rate equal to those of children who are not homeless. Our child care centers are  qualified and highly trained staff provide quality care for children while parents work, seek housing or employment, attend school, or take other steps to rebuild their lives. COTS also offers educational resources to nurture the entire family. They include focused workshops on parenting, children's health, nutrition, coping skills, and self-esteem. All three centers utilize age appropriate High Scope Curriculum.

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